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Educative Talk on 2017 International Day of Commemoration in Memory of Victims of the Holocaust in Yaounde

H.E Ran Gidor shares his family’s suffering and personal experiences on holocaust

For the 2017 International Day of Commemoration in Memory of Victims of the Holocaust, UNIC Yaounde organized an Educational talk and Poster Exhibition on “State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda”, with students of Lycée de Tsinga and Lycée de la Cité Verte , both in Yaounde on 27 January 2017 on the theme “Holocaust Remembrance: Educating for a Better Future”. Panelists were His Excellency Ran Gidor; Ambassador of Israel in Cameroon and Mrs Dorothée Onguene representing the UN Centre for Human Rights and Democracy.

Teaching and learning about the Holocaust can sensitize students to the position of minorities. An analysis of the mechanisms that led to the Holocaust can help them realize the importance of accepting and appreciating diversity rather than seeing it as a cause for discord. It is only through education that youths and students can learn to filter the information they consume through the social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, skype, Youtube, etc… where most messages of hate are propagated today.
The educational documentary film; “The Path to Nazi Genocide” was screened for a better understanding of the holocaust atrocities and the over 75 participants made a guided tour of a poster exhibition on “State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda” in English and French.

Outreach Event on the Istanbul World Humanitarian Summit at ASMAC 18 May 2016

Photo1As prelude to the upcoming Istanbul World Humanitarian Summit of 23-24 May 2016, UNIC Yaounde on behalf of the UN System in Cameroon organized an Outreach Event at the Advanced School of Mass Communication (ASMAC) Yaounde on Wednesday 18 May 2016. This event which brought together stakeholders in the humanitarian domain in Cameroon such as UN Agencies; (OCHA, UNICEF, WFP, HCR), and donors (Japan, US, France) was chaired by Ms Najat Rochdi; Humanitarian Coordinator/Resident Coordinator.

Photo2Mrs Rochdi used global statistics on humanitarian crisis, to state the urgency of action by the international community and the raison d’être why UNSG Ban Ki-moon called this first ever Humanitarian Summit from 23-24 May 2016 at Istanbul. We must all be agents of change, and the WHS is the platform for everybody to take both individual and collective commitments to change. Students and media should commit through the social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). We must all defend the human values, for there is no colour, no nationality, and no borders in suffering she added, with a call for these values to be translated in homes, families, schools, community and society.

USAThe Representatives of the US Embassy, Japan, and France all pledged their continued support support through the United Nations in assisting the needy and victims of terrorist attacks by Boko Haram in the Far North region of Cameroon, and elsewhere in the country.

Photo3Max Schott (OCHA) painted a picture of the humanitarian situation in the extreme North of Cameroon, giving practical details on the Istanbul Humanitarian Summit. Felicité Tchibindat (UNICEF) highlighted efforts to restore the innocence of children abused by terrorists organisations as suicide bombers, child soldiers through psychosocial support to the Cameroon government.

HCRKhassim Diagne (HCR) cited some conventions on the protection of rights of Refugees to re-echo the importance for countries to respect them. Elvira Pruscini shows how WFP reinforces the resilience of humanitarian assistance by making assistance structures more adaptable to needs, designing assistance programmes which address the drivers of crisis and conflicts as a way of doing away with the causes.

UNICEFThese actors in turn pledged their continued support and stance by the Cameroon government in assisting the needy and committed themselves to say “ca suffit” (enough is enough) to human sufferings. Press kits on the Summit were distributed to media and participants at the heavily covered event.

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France  Japan

UN4U Educational Outreach Event at Siantou University Institute for International Women’s Day 2016


UNIC Yaounde, on behalf of the United Nations System organized a UN4U Educational Outreach Event at the Siantou University Institute on 7 March 2016. The main objective of this Educational Talk was to share vital information on the 2016 theme with students and provide hints and tips that could help attain the 50-50 parity in gender equality in Cameroon by 2030.

Photo4The Present General of the Siantou University, Honorable Wantou Siantou Lucien welcomed the UN delegation. UN Resident Coordinator in Cameroon; Mrs Najat Rochdi in turn encouraged students of the Siantou University Institute to be models in the respect of gender equality in their daily interaction as student, in their homes and the society.

Photo11Panel discussions were moderated by Mrs Rochdi, and different sub-themes were presented by panelists comprised of the following heads of UN agencies;

  • Adama Moussa (UNWOMEN) on “Women and Access to factors of Production”,
  • Mrs Felicité Tchibindat (UNICEF) on “Peace, Security and violence Against Women and Girls
  • Mrs Barbara Sow (UNFPA) on “Violence Against Women and maternal mortality”.

Photo5Panelists shared statistics on the situation of access to school by young girls, situation of Violence Against Women, and the importance of women’s access to economic opportunities. They equally shared knowledge and experience on some traditional and cultural obstacles to women empowerment in the area of maternal mortality and female genital mutilation, while spelling out some major advancement by Cameroon. Answers were provided to questions raised by students, with a call for the active involvement of youths and women (who constitute more than 51% of the population) for an emerging Cameroon by 2030, free of all forms of gender violence. UNIC distributed copies of the UNSG message and Information Kits to special Guests and the media.

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Educational Outreach Event on 2016 Holocaust Remembrance on 27 January 2016

UNIC's Jean Njita drills students on the 2016 themeUNIC Yaounde organized an Educational Outreach Event on “The Holocaust and Human Dignity”, bringing together students of Lycée Tsinga, Lycée Cité Verte, and Youth leaders. Guest Speaker was Mrs. Orli GIL, Minister Plenipotentiary; Chargeé d’Affaires at the Embassy of Israel in Cameroon.

UNIC’s KMA; Jean Njita stressed on abstention from discrimination, racism and religious intolerance, cautioning youths to filter information on social media, as most may be inspired to engage in uncontrollable vices.

Mrs Orli Gil presents the holocaust story to studentsMrs. Orli GIL emphasized on how the persecution and segregation of Jews by Nazi Germany caused large scale deaths, adding that remembering victims and honoring the survivors is a step towards rejecting hate speeches.


Student asking question on the holocaust During the question/answer session, students sought to have answers to the following:

  • Did Germany apologize to the Jews for these heinous crimes?
  • Are Jews free in Germany today?
  • Can a Jew get married to a German today?
  • Why did neighboring countries not stop Nazi Germany from carrying out this plan?
  • Why should Jews who suffered so much from such atrocities subject Palestinians to sufferings and refuse the creation of a Palestinian State?Student asking question on the holocaust

Mrs Gil provided answers to each of these questions, and even threw more light on other issues related to the theme, stating that the UN was created to stop such crimes, defend human rights and foster world peace and security.

Projecting “The Path to Nazi Genocide”The Path to Nazi Genocide” and the “Woman in Gold” were screened for a better understanding of holocaust and its consequences.


Projecting the “Woman in Gold”

  1. Mrs Orli GIL talks on the Holocaust at:
  1. Mrs Orli GIL answers to questions at:


Youth Outreach Event on the “Role of Youths in the Post 2015 Development Agenda”

UNIC Yaounde on behalf of the UN System in Cameroon, and in partnership with the Cameroon National Youth Council organized a Youth Outreach Event on the “Role of Youths in the Post 2015 Development Agenda” on 17 February 2015 at the UNIC Conference Room. This event was organised as part of activities to commemorate the 49th edition of National Youth Day in Cameroon, celebrated under the theme “Youth and the preservation of peace for an emergent Cameroon“.  The discussion with over 45 youth leaders was led by two panelists: the Resident Representative of UNFPA; Ms. Barbara M. Sow, and the President of the National Youth Council; Mr. Jean-Marc Mbafor.

Ms Barbara Sow urged the more than 45 youths present to focus on their roles as individuals, citizens, and as youth in making the world a better one.

Photo6      Mr. Jean-Marc Mbafor calls for institutions that enable youth to be part of the implementation

Mr.  Jean-Marc Mbafor expressed the need for the setting up of institutions that enable youths to be part of the implementation of the Post-2015 agenda.

The panelists and the participants agreed that entry points for youth participation in governance have to be created, and that youth need to participate actively in the development of Cameroon.

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