Educational Outreach Event on 2016 Holocaust Remembrance on 27 January 2016

UNIC's Jean Njita drills students on the 2016 themeUNIC Yaounde organized an Educational Outreach Event on “The Holocaust and Human Dignity”, bringing together students of Lycée Tsinga, Lycée Cité Verte, and Youth leaders. Guest Speaker was Mrs. Orli GIL, Minister Plenipotentiary; Chargeé d’Affaires at the Embassy of Israel in Cameroon.

UNIC’s KMA; Jean Njita stressed on abstention from discrimination, racism and religious intolerance, cautioning youths to filter information on social media, as most may be inspired to engage in uncontrollable vices.

Mrs Orli Gil presents the holocaust story to studentsMrs. Orli GIL emphasized on how the persecution and segregation of Jews by Nazi Germany caused large scale deaths, adding that remembering victims and honoring the survivors is a step towards rejecting hate speeches.


Student asking question on the holocaust During the question/answer session, students sought to have answers to the following:

  • Did Germany apologize to the Jews for these heinous crimes?
  • Are Jews free in Germany today?
  • Can a Jew get married to a German today?
  • Why did neighboring countries not stop Nazi Germany from carrying out this plan?
  • Why should Jews who suffered so much from such atrocities subject Palestinians to sufferings and refuse the creation of a Palestinian State?Student asking question on the holocaust

Mrs Gil provided answers to each of these questions, and even threw more light on other issues related to the theme, stating that the UN was created to stop such crimes, defend human rights and foster world peace and security.

Projecting “The Path to Nazi Genocide”The Path to Nazi Genocide” and the “Woman in Gold” were screened for a better understanding of holocaust and its consequences.


Projecting the “Woman in Gold”

  1. Mrs Orli GIL talks on the Holocaust at:
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