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Cameroon Celebrates 74th United Nations Day

Cameroon celebrated the 74th edition of the United Nations Day on the theme: “Mutualization of Peace Efforts for Sustainable Development” through a series of events:

Sporting Activities (Sports for the SDGs) – Saturday 19 October 2019

 – Sports-walk (Eco-jogging)

The weeklong series of activities in Cameroon kicked-off with a sports-walk. The over 1500 Participants were led by government ministers, ambassadors, UN Resident Coordinator, Heads of UN Agencies amongst other dignitaries across the streets of Yaounde; from Central Post Office through Olezoa to the military Stadium. During the exercise, plastic wastes by the road were being collected for an Eco-Friendly Cameroon.   This parade was guided by the security forces and the Cameroon Red Cross.

  • Football matches

Female and male football teams from MINREX and the United Nations took place at the end of the sports-walk at the Yaounde Military Stadium. The matches were contested in a spirit of fair play and for the good of the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Female Match: In a hotly contested football match and after 40 minutes of play, the UN female team beat MINREX by 1 nil. Kick-off was taken by Minister Gregoire Owona of National Insurance and Vocational Training.
  • Male Match: the UN male team thrashed the MINREX team by 2 goals to zero, demonstrating UN’s resolve to leave nothing behind for the SDGs in Cameroon.


Round table on the Role of Cameroon in maintaining International Peace and Security at the International Relations Institute of Cameroon –  21 October 2019

The maintenance of peace and international security. What is the role of Cameroon and the United Nations?  In a debate conference, students from the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC) and University, faculties and Civil society were educated on the actions of the United Nations in the world as a whole, and in Cameroon to support peace-oriented operations. and security. As part of activities for celebrations marking the 74th United Nations Day in Cameroon, this panel of experts on peace and security issues encouraged particpants and the general public to work for peace, owing to the fact that “to have peace, we must seek it”, as re-echoed by Minister Jacques Roger Booh Booh; former UN Special Representative to Rwanda.

This conference brought together representative from the government, the United Nations, the civil society, the media. UNIC Yaounde provided information material (roll ups), information kits on the United Nations peace-keeping Operations, and the Sustainable Development Goals.



SDG Open Day Exhibition at the Esplanade of Yaounde City Council

The SDG open day was an opportunity for both Cameroon government and the UN System to acknowledge the invaluable contribution of donors in responding to the country’s humanitarian and development challenges, and to inform the population on results of UN’s support to Cameroon. Main objective was to create awareness on the SDGs, promote the 2030 agenda, and engage the civil society, youth and women to understand their respective roles a s frontline partners in promoting the SDGs.

An “SDG Village” was set-up with stands mounted by UNIC/RCO for UN agencies and CSOs Actors at the Yaounde City Council on 22 October 2019, to disseminate information on the SDGs, showcasing concrete actions by Agencies, partners towards achieving these goals in Cameroon. Agencies in the stands included; RCO/UNIC, UNESCO, UNV, UNFPA, UNDP, WHO, UNICEF, FAO, WFP, UNWOMEN, UNHCR. The civil society was represented by Fondation Villes Propres, JADD (Jeunes en Action pour le Développement Durable), AIESEC, YAOUNDE Agfo Changing Lives, CSAYN (Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network), Youth Connekt Cameroon, YOUthKmerVolunteers4SDGs, etc.



UN Resident Coordinator; Ms Allegra Baiocchi, UNIC’s Jean Njita, JADD’s Cecile MAWE drilled students, grouped in a special tent on their role in implementing the SDGs in Cameroon.  

SDG branded gadget and materials such as; #SDG, roll-ups (kakemonos), posters, brochures, mystery wheels, SDG rings, reports, newsletters, flyers, pins, mugs, t-shirts, pens, SDG cubes, etc characterised the Information content in the respective stands comprised. #Act4sdgs #UNDay2019 #teachSDGs

Official Ceremony

This Official ceremony marking the 74th edition of the UN Day in Cameroon took place on 24 October 2019 at the Ministry of External Relations, was chaired by H.E Felix Mbayu; Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in charge of Relations with the Commonwealth, ceremony. UN and Cameroon flags were hoisted by former UN Peacekeepers and Cameroonian Police officers

UN Resident Coordinator to Cameroon;  Ms. Allegra Baiocchi saluted the recent efforts that have been put in place by the government of Cameroon in terms of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Agenda 2030 and most specifically, the work done so far on the next phase of the country’s development policy. Concerning peace efforts, she saluted the holding of the Major National Dialogue, release of people detained in connection with crisis, as well as militants of some political parties. Ms Baiocchi said, “Peace is constructed through development, but the development has to be sustainable and most importantly inclusive.” Re-echoing the words of the UN Secretary- General, Antonio Guterres, she advised the effective implementation of dialogue recommendations and continuing with confidence building measures. She however decried the attacks against humanitarian missions preventing assistance from reaching the needy.

Minister Mbayu in turn stated that the government of Cameroon is still ready and banking on the constructive and fruitful cooperation and collaboration from each and every one, in attaining its ideals for peace and security, by achieving its development goals, through strengthening multilateralism.” He used the occasion to succinctly present peace and security efforts in Cameroon, all intended to enable the country to attain its 2030 development agenda to eradicate poverty, ensure peace, prosperity for people and the planet. He singled out the Major National Dialogue convened by the Head of State, President Paul Biya as a glaring example to illustrate peace efforts and said recommendations adopted consensually were currently under review. Minister Mbayu expressed the gratitude of government to the UN, other international organisations, friendly countries and the civil society for supporting Cameroon’s efforts for a return to peace and normalcy and called for more synergy of action for the country to attain the “desired future” by 2030 in an atmosphere of peace and security.

Sports for Achieving the SDGs in Cameroon

Saturday the 27th October was set aside to highlight Sports for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Cameroon, as part of the 73rd United Nations day in Cameroon.

sportswalk by men, women and children in the presence of the UN Resident Coordinator, Minister Abena Ondoua of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, Ambassadors, Mr. Achille Basiliken; Secretary General-MINREX among other dignitaries took place along major streets in Yaounde. Participants walked through the streets of Obili, Melen and Ngoa-ekelle to the military stadium for the Sustainable Development Goals. This parade was guided by the security forces and the Cameroon Red Cross. caught the attention of many curious onlookers whereby some immediately joined the crew.

A semi-tournament pitting teams from the United Nations, MINREX, Diplomatic Corps and Civil Society was also on schedule. Ms Allegra Baiocchi; UN Resident Coordinator gave the kickoff of the opening match between the ladies of MINREX and the UN system.

The matches were hotly contested, in a spirit of fair play and for the good of the game and SDGs. 

Official Ceremony for UN Day 2018

The 24 October UN Day celebration in Cameroon took place at Ministry of External Relations (MINREX) on the theme: “Energy, key driver to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Cameroon”.

Ms. Allegra Baiocchi; UN Resident Coordinator in Cameroon stressed on mutual empowerment and support towards achieving the SDGs, appealed that“we must fight poverty, inequality” and thanked the people and government of Cameroon for their faithful cooperation with the United Nations.

She further read the UNSG message on the occasion, in which Mr. Antonio Guterres urged all of us not to give up, despite the challenges;hardship, inequality, increasing rates of conflicts, extreme poverty in the World.

H.E Adoum Gargoum; Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in charge of cooperation with the Islamic World also stressed the importance of working in synergy to build a better world. Participants also watched a video projection on the UN – Cameroon cooperation in achieving the SDGs.    

Conference Debate with Civil Society at MINREX

A conference – debate with some Civil Society Organizations took place at the Ministry of External Relations on 22ndOctober 2018, on the 2018 UN Day theme: “Energy: Key Driver to Sustainable Development (SDGs) in Cameroon”.

This brought together representative from the United Nations, the civil society (World Wild Fund), the media, and the government; (Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEE), Ministry of the Economy and Planning (MINEPAT), Ministry of Environment (MINEPDED).

After a series of debates, panelists and participants stressed the importance of energy in Cameroon’s development, highlighting efforts Cameroon government in achieving this goal.

Causerie éducative avec les élevés à l’émission «Jeunesse parlons-en »

Une édition spéciale ONU de émission  «jeunesse parlons-en » de la CRTV s’est tenu le mercredi 17 octobre à l’Institut des Relations Internationales du Cameroun (IRIC) à l’occasion de la 73eme journée des Nations Unies sur le thème: «énergie moteur de développement durable au Cameroun ».

Mme Michele Ngoumou ; présentatrice de l’émission, dans son mot d’introduction a precisé que la solidarité est la seule option possible entre les peuples au sein de notre pays ; en rappelant qu’associer les jeunes dans les initiatives de recherche de paix et de développement durable est primordiale.

Le quizz s’est déroulé en trois parties de questions et réponses posés aux différents candidats. Les candidats étant assez informés sur les Nations Unies l’équipe avec la collaboration des experts ont ajoutés quelques questions afin de départager les finalistes. Sur les quatre établissements présents à savoir : Mario Academy, Lycée Général Leclerc, Lycée Technique De Ngoa ekélé, Franky Comprehensive Secondary School.Les experts  ont montrés le rôle de l’énergie durable dans le développement du Cameroun et la mise en œuvre des Objectifs de Développement Durable (ODD). Montrant ainsi qu’une agriculture forte et durable a besoin, d’une énergie stable et durable rappelant, que l’énergie constitue en effet le squelette des objectifs de développement  durable (ODD).

Never give up’: UN chief urges all who serve, marking UN Day 2018

© UNHCR/Fauzan Ijazah
A UNHCR staff member comforts a survivor in Indonesia, who cries as she recounts her traumatic experience during the earthquake and liquefaction, in Palu, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. 21 October 2018.


23 October 2018

Marking the 2018 United Nations Day, which falls on 24 October, Secretary-General António Guterres is urging the men and women of the UN, and those they serve, to “never give up” tackling the world’s many challenges.

In a video released in advance of UN Day, Mr. Guterres said that, despite the odds and obstacles, and growing inequality “we don’t give up because we know by reducing inequality we increase hope and opportunity and peace around the world.”

The UN chief made clear the Organization’s determination to implement climate action, fight for human rights and the life of peace that everyone deserves to enjoy: “On United Nations Day, let us reaffirm our commitment. To repair broken trust. To heal our planet. To leave no one behind. To uphold dignity for one and all, as united nations.”

UN day commemorates the anniversary of the entry into force of the UN Charter in 1945. With the ratification of this founding document by the majority of its signatories, including the five permanent members of the Security Council, the United Nations officially came into being.

Between October and November, visitors to UN Headquarters can see a photo exhibition called “People on the Move,” which is being displayed in the Visitor’s Lobby of the General Assembly building, in connection with 2018 UN Day.

The exhibition captures moments in time from the last seven decades of the millions of those who have, for one reason or another, become people on the move.

You can find out more about the UN charter, the history of the Organization and how to visit UN headquarters in Geneva here.

Journée des Nations Unies, 24 octobre


Projection des logos des objectifs de développement durable sur la façade du Siège de l’ONU, à New York, à l’occasion du 70e anniversaire de l’Organisation. Photo ONU/Cia Pak

« L’humanité est entrée dans l’ère du développement durable depuis que les dirigeants du monde se sont engagés à tenir l’ambitieuse promesse que constitue le Programme de développement durable à l’horizon 2030. L’Organisation entre dans sa soixante et onzième année en ayant en point de mire 17 objectifs qui doivent nous emmener vers un avenir meilleur pour tous sur une planète préservée. » — Ban Ki-moon, Secrétaire général de l’ONU

Thème 2016 : À 71 ans – 17 Objectifs

La Journée des Nations Unies est célébrée chaque année le 24 octobre, jour anniversaire de l’entrée en vigueur de la Charte des Nations Unies en 1945. La ratification de ce document fondateur par la majorité des signataires (y compris par les cinq membres permanents du Conseil de sécurité) marque en effet l’acte de naissance des Nations Unies.

La Journée des Nations Unies est célébrée depuis 1948.

En 1971, par sa résolution 2782(XXVI), l’Assemblée générale des Nations Unies a estimé que le jour anniversaire de la création de l’ONU devait être l’occasion pour les gouvernements et les peuples de réaffirmer leur foi dans les buts et principes de la Charte. Elle a déclaré que le 24 octobre serait un jour férié international et a recommandé qu’il soit célébré comme tel par tous les États Membres de l’Organisation des Nations Unies.

Pour cette édition 2016, la Journée des Nations Unies mettra l’accent sur les actions que chacune et chacun peut entreprendre en vue de réaliser les 17 objectifs de développement durable du Programme de développement durable à l’horizon 2030. Adopté le 25 septembre 2015, ce Programme constitue le nouveau cadre de développement mondial. Il repose sur 17 objectifs universels de développement durable, déclinés en 169 cibles dans les domaines de l’économie, du développement social et de la protection de l’environnement.